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Across the Universe: Seddie FanFic
Chapter 1

Sam darted into the dark alley, hiding the precious jewel within her cloak. She knew that any moment now, the Dukes soldiers would be scouring the city in search of her. Her mother had become ill, so lately it had been her job to support her broken family.

Sam didn't particularily LIKE robbing from the Duke and Dutchess, but she had no other choice. Everyone else in the city were peasants, but not to the same degree as Sam. The only others that Sam could possibly rob would be the widowed Queen, but that would be near impossible since she was very protective of her castle.

Sams bare feet screamed in pain as she dashed through the streets, and her mind wandered to the Queen. No one ever really discovered what happened to her husband, but ever since she had gotten triple the amount of guards and rarely left the castle walls. Rumor had it that her son, the prince, had been confined to his room for his entire life since the death of the King.

Sam scoffed at the thought. She had seen the Queen, and knew she was a little strange, but that was just ridiculous. Once, Sam had come home and asked her mother about the Queen. Her mother had began to yell words like "quack" and "crazy in the head", and then refused to say another word about her.

Not that Sam really cared. The only real connection she had to the Queen was her friendship with Lady Carlissa, the granddaughter of Lord Shay and younger sister of Spencer, the quirky royal painter. Despite this special title that she was born into, Sam was allowed to call her Carly since they were best friends. Lord Shay was always away on business, usually scouring to allied kingdoms to ensure everything was going well (another enforcement of the Queen), so Carly was left under the care of Spencer.

"She went this way, come on!" boomed an all-too-familiar voice, snapping Sam out of her thoughts.

Sam picked up her feet and propelled herself toward the maze in the City Square. She dashed around corners and down the passages until she was about in the middle. Sam listened carefully for the sounds of the soldiers silently.

"Split up! She can't get away from us again!"

"That's what YOU think Commander Howard..." Sam murmured, a grin covering her face.

Sam took a few steps to the left and removed a cobblestone from the ground, revealing an old man hole. Sam quickly uncovered it and then jumped down into the hole, quickly putting the lid back on top, knocking the cobblestones back into place.

Sam reached into her cloak and pulled out a small match, the last of the ones she owned, and lit a torch that was hung on the wall. Sam wasn't entirely sure who had created the passage in the first place, or who replaced the torches every night, but whoever it was, she was grateful to them. Sam walked slowly down the drafty passage, listening above her for the sounds of the leaving soldiers and the frustrated shouts of Commander Howard. Sam smirked and hurried down the passageway toward the direction of her home.

Sam paused for a moment to let a rat scurry across her path, and then she climbed the dirt walls up to the hole in her bedroom floor. Sam breathed out softly in relief.

"Sammy? Is that you?" came the weakened voice of her mother, Pamela.

"Yeah Mom, it's me." Sam said, walking down the hall to her mothers room. Worry instantly clouded over Sam as she saw the frail state her mother was in. Despite her illness, Pam still smiled at her daughter.

"So how's my little delinquent tonight?" Pam asked, her skin pale, but her voice still dripping with the joking sarcasm that Sam had inheritated.

"If you're asking if I got us a good bit of loot, then good!" Sam said, revealing the jewel with a flourish.

Pams eyes sparkled in the glow of the blue topaz in the moonlight. "Good job Sammy! This should keep us going until I'm back on my feet!"

Sam smiled at her mother, displaying pride. However, hidden behind her smile were her thoughts, wondering how much longer they would have to live this life as thieves.

- - - - -

"But Mother! I am almost SIXTEEN! I demand to be more involved with affairs of the kingdom!" Prince Fredward yelled at Queen Benson, his mother.

"No. I won't have it." his mother said stubbornly. "You are still my little baby, you're too young to run the kingdom!"

"Mother. Father was younger than I when he married you and took over the throne, yet I know NOTHING my future duties as king!"

"Absolutely not! You're father was different!"

"Because HE wasn't locked in his room his whole life, confined to the walls of the castle!" the prince cried defiantly. "Mother, I've never felt grass between my toes! I almost never feel the breeze on my cheeks! The only people I interact with are you and the servants! I'm tired of this!"

"But Fredward..." the Queen sobbed, taking her sons face in her hands. "I'm just trying to keep you safe, trying to protect you from the dangers that killed your father! I already lost him, I...I don't want to lose you too..."

The young prince softened slightly at his mothers tears. "I understand Mother, really. But...did you ever consider that...exposing me to such dangers can help me prepare myself for challenges to come?"


"Please Mother, PLEASE throw a ball in the castle for my sixteenth birthday. I want to meet my people..." Fredward begged.

Queen Marissa contemplated for a moment. "But...what if that nasty assassin is there? The one that your father..." she trailed off, tears welling up.

"That won't be a problem Mother, we have many more guards than needed. No one would dare to harm me." the prince said, taking his mother firmly by the shoulders.

The Queens lip quivered for a moment, but then she sighed. "Alright can meet your people."

"And are you going to let me choose a lady?" he asked softly.

Queen Benson's head snapped in his direction, her eyes ablaze. "Absolutely not! You aren't ready!"

"Mother! I'm not saying I want to marry right away!" he cried quickly. "I would just like to meet the eligible ladies, and maybe get to know one!"

"Fine." the queen snapped. She stood there for a moment, then turned and pranced out of the room.

Gibson, the prince's whipping boy and only friend, came out of where he was hiding. "Wow, you really showed her!"

"Quiet Gibby. Please let me enjoy my freedom while it lasts!" Fredward said as he walked over to his window and stepped out onto the balcony.

Gibby quickly followed. "Whatever do you mean your highness?"

"You've seen how this sort of thing ends." the prince said sadly, looking over the city. "I have to get as much accomplished as possible before she decides it's too dangerous and locks me away again."

Gibby stood behind him silently. "I'm sorry my prince."

"Don't be Gibby. You should be glad my mother never gets angry at me and has you whipped for it."

"But that is why I am sorry. Your mother may not give you, or me rather, physical punishment, but it's punishment enough to be locked up in here for fifteen years..."

The prince nodded. He turned halfway, so he was almost facing Gibby. "Tell me again about the city?"

"Again sire? It isn't that exciting..." Gibby said.

Fredward faced Gibby entirely now, his face lit up happily. "But it IS Gibby! Don't you see? I've never left this wing of the castle, you've seen the entire castle, AND the city!"

Gibby looked amused. "Oh sire, just wait. It isn't all that fabulous."

"Tell me anyways, please."

"Alright, let's sit down.." Gibby said, re-entering the princes room. Fredward followed him eagerly and jumped onto his bed.

And as Gibby explained the city in detail, the prince began to picture it vividly in his head. The streets bright and clean, paved with shining grey cobblestones. Little shops lined the sides, with people bustling about, all cheerful and happy.

Little did Prince Fredward know, his kingdom was the exact oppisite.

- - - - -

Lady Carlissa gazed at the letter in her hands. "Spencer, did you know that they are holding a ball at the castle?"

Spencer poked his head around his canvas. "Why is that such a surprise Carly? They hold a ball at the end of every year."

"Yes, but it's the MIDDLE of the year...and it's a birthday celebration for Prince Fredward!"

"Wow, really?!" Spencer asked, going over to Carly to read the letter. "It says every eligible lady in the kingdom are to attend."

Carly raised her eyebrows, and began to wonder to herself what the prince could possibly look like. Surely he would be better looking than the Duke's son, Nevel. Carly shuddered, her skin crawled at the thought of that little creep.

Ever since Carly had been introduced to the Duke and his family, Nevel had been after her. The Duke had even tried to con Lord Shay into betrothing the two, but thankfully Carly's grandfather had caught on before it was too late.

" you know what the prince looks like?"

Spencer looked at the floor thoughtfully. "I only saw him once, when he was an infant. I was painting the last portrait of King Benson before he left to...well..."

Carly quickly nodded in understanding. She gazed back at the letter, her mind full of possibilities.

"Greetings nerds!" Sam announced, walking into the house.

"Sam!" Carly cried, bounding over to her best friend.

"Hey Sam." Spencer called, behind his canvas again.

"Hey, what's that?" Sam asked, seeing the letter in Carly's hand.

"Oh, just an invitation to a ball tomorrow night at the castle for the prince." Carly said, handing the letter to Sam.

"The Queen is finally letting him out of hiding?" Sam asked, consulting the paper.

"I guess so..." Carly said, walking to the kitchen to grab some food. Carly turned around with some bread in hand and then jumped half a foot in the air. Sam was right in front of her, her hand extended toward the bread.

"Woah! Don't sneak up on me like that!" Carly cried. Sam shrugged and took the bread from her. "So Sam, are you going to go?"

Sam spit bread crumbs across the room, right into Spencers face. Spencer was frozen still, blinking. Then he slowly wiped the crumbs off. "Ew..."

"Sorry..." Sam said. She then turned to Carly. "Are you crazy? I'm a wanted criminal! If any of the THOUSANDS of soldiers recognized me, I'd be thrown into the dungeons!"

Carly looked at the floor, and then Sams face lit up mischieviously.

"Unless..." Sam began, grinning.

"Unless?" Carly asked.

"Unless!" Spencer declared.

" could disguise me as your lady-in-waiting or something!" Sam said.

"But, the Lady doesn't HAVE ladies-in-waiting..."


"Well...OKAY!" Carly said with a laugh.

"Great, I'll come by tomorrow night then!" Sam said, grabbing another bit of bread and leaving.

"Are you sure this is a good idea Carly?" Spencer asked.

"I'm not sure, but...what's the worst that could happen?"

- - - - -

Prince Fredward stood out on his balcony, bathing in the golden sunlight.

"Fredward!" the queen cried, storming in. "Just because I'm giving you more freedom doesn't mean that you can stand outside whenever you want!"

"Mother, really." the prince said, coming back into his room.

"Come along, are you ready to see the rest of the castle?"

"Of course!"

"Well then follow me."

Queen Benson led her excited son through the castle halls silently. He gazed around, his eyes wide with happiness and wonder. Servants he hadn't seen before gazed at him in surprise and welcome as he passed them all. They all greeted him one by one, and he nodded and smiled in return.

"And this is the ballroom, where the entire kingdom will be celebrating your birthday..." the queen said, nervousness creeping into her tone.

"Don't worry Mother, it's going to be wonderful."

Suddenly, a guard burst into the room. "Your Majesty! Another theft has occured! The Duke is simply furious!"

"Oh my!" Queen Benson cried in shock.

"Please, we need you to come and settle him down!"

"Of course, of course! Gibson, stay with Fredward while I'm gone!"

"Alright my lady!" Gibby said, seeming to appear from nowhere.

"Mother, I don't need Gibby to babysit me!" Fredward protested. But his mother was already gone. "Ugh. Even when I have more freedom, I don't."

"There there sire," Gibby said, patting him on the back. "Who knows what could happen tonight! You could meet the girl of your dreams."

"Ha, I doubt it." Fredward replied with a grin.

- - - - -

"Sam, come on!" Carly cried, trying to coax Sam out into the streets.

"No way! I look like...a daffodil!" Sams voice declared, drifting from in Carly's home.

"Spencer, a little help?" Carly asked, looking to Spencer for help.

"Noooo way, that girl is stronger than me." Spencer said, crossing his arms over his deep scarlet outfit.

"Sam, if we don't go now, there will be too many people!" Carly said impatiently, smoothing out her light blue dress.

"Fine." Sam said, coming out.

Sams arms were folded unhappily across her chest. Her blonde hair was twisted upwards into a knot, and her gown was a shimmering shade of dark purple, and her expression was visibly unhappy.

"I can't believe I have to wear this stupid...THING."

"Oh Sam, it's only a dress!" Carly said, leading Sam down the street by the hand.


"You didn't think you could get into something like this with your silly cloak?"

"My cloak isn't SILLY, it's practical. This DRESS is silly!" Sam protested.

"Hush child! We're almost at the castle, you don't want anyone getting suspicious do you?" Carly hissed.


"Well come on, lets go in." Carly said, and the three entered the castle.
I actually wrote this chapter like FOREVER ago...but for some reason I didn't continue the fanfic, I don't know why :shrug:

But I was reading a cute Seddie fanfic today, and I was like, "Hey, I should continue MY fanfic! My scanners broke anyways!"

So ya, I'll be spamming you guys with my Seddie-ness for a bit :meow:

The iCarly Cast (c) Dan Schnieder
fanfic (c) me

NOTE: PLEASE don't mention "iLost My Mind", I haven't seen it yet!!!
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